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 By Mary VanHoy


Thanks to a recent client who has autistic spectrum disorder traits, I have adopted this jellyfish as the logo for my center. This cute little seven year old was diagnosed with ASD and an IQ of 63! She had very little ability to verbalize her thoughts or for her speech to be understood. Yet, after twelve days of the SLP treatments, she drew a diagram of a brain with a little jellyfish within the brain. She described the jellyfish as her current brain that needed "energy" gained from the SLP treatments (which she described as an airplane ride that goes up and down) to give her brain more energy to grow! This from a seven year old, essentially non-verbal child who only scribbled prior to receiving "energy" from the twelve days on the Sensory Learning Table! She also responded to her mother's question as to how the table made her feel by looking her mother in the eye and replying, "It makes my brain comfortable!" All this from a child with an IQ of 63?!

The SLP treatments are appropriate for clients of all ages and with a wide variety of health challenges related to sensory integration. As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I hope, like me, you are ready to explore options to your or your family member's current sensory integration challenges. I look forward to serving you in the near future. Please fill out the questionnaire and I or a member of my staff will be happy to answer your questions as well as schedule a complimentary experiential SLP session to better acquaint you with its unique features and benefits.

Mary Wong VanHoy, Certified Sensory Learning Program Practitioner.

Mary VanHoy worked with Aylah, who made a remarkable progress after only 12 sessions of the Sensory Learning Program.

Aylah's progress comes to show what is possible with the Sensory Learning Program.


Watch Aylah's Video Here


Here is a short introduction of Mary VanHoy, who recently established the Sensory Learning Center of Seattle, conveniently located in Bellevue, WA. She is a certified practitioner and provider of The Sensory Learning Program, which in her research into the biophysics of autism and brain injury, she became aware that successful recovery often required global integration or re-training of the nervous and sensory systems. She discovered the Sensory Learning Program, a multi-sensory program with a 25 year history of clinical success could promote this integration and substantial gains in development and cognition within a short period of time. Her purpose in coming to the Seattle area is to offer this multi-modal stimulation of the vestibular, visual, and auditory channels to help individuals establish a more stable sensory foundation so that other conventional therapies like optometric vision therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, as well as educational tutorial services and counseling can be more effective and in some cases, require less time to reach the individual's goals for that therapy program.

Mary VanHoy's goal is to provide this missing piece of recovery and development by supporting the efforts of her clients and colleagues.

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About Mary VanHoy

Mary Wong VanHoy, a Certified Practitioner and Provider of The Sensory Learning Program

Mary VanHoy

Education: Doctor of Optometry, Indiana University 1971

Military Service: Captain, Medical Service Corp, US Army, William Beaumont Army Medical Center 1971- 1973

Private Practice: Indianapolis, Indiana 1973 - 2008 Indiana Vision Improvement Center, A Full Scope Optometric Practice with Emphasis on Vision Rehabilitation

Specialty Vision Rehabilitation Practice, Eyes For Wellness 2008 - Present, Indianapolis, Indiana

Established Sensory Learning Center of Seattle, August 2017

  • Indiana Optometric Association
  • American Optometric Association
  • Indiana State Director of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation
  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Past Trustee, Certified Fellow of the College; Past International Examiner for COVD
  • College of Syntonic Optometry, Immediate Past President; Faculty member for CSO
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association
  • Indiana State Board of Examiners: 1987 - 1991
  • Team Optometrist for the Indianapolis Indians (AAA Baseball Team)


Family: Two adult children plus one granddaughter

Interests: Traveling; Cooking; Reading; Living on the water in Seattle; Sampling creative restaurants



Mary VanHoy is in each office two consecutive weeks each month.

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