Sensory Learning Program Benefits:

  • Nervous system more stable because the three channels now communicate rather than compete—there is Sensory Integration
  • Improved sense of balance and knowing where they are in space: such as a child riding a bicycle or an adult driving a car
  • Improved physical stamina and energy level
  • Improved memory and organization
  • Expanded field of vision to allow for improved orientation and safety in one's environment
  • Improved fine motor skills such as handwriting or typing on the computer
  • Improved gross motor skills for playing sports or exercising
  • Elimination or decrease in sensitivity to lights
  • Elimination or decreased sensitivity to certain sounds like someone chewing their food
  • Elimination or significant decrease in dizziness and nausea
  • Improved quality of sleep so the body can regenerate and heal itself
  • Improved ability to process verbal instructions
  • Improved ability to be in a noisy environment like a restaurant without being overwhelmed

Key Points:

  • Relatively quick (30 days) training of the nervous system
  • Does NOT replace other therapies
  • Allows other therapies to often take less time for significant improvements because the client's nervous system is more stable and responsive
  • If extensive previous therapies, the benefits are often seen after completing the Sensory Learning Program because the nervous system can now better communicate

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