Why Seattle?

Since the 1990s I have been fascinated with the idea of living on the water and enjoying both the mountains as well as the ocean. When I discovered the Sensory Learning Program had not been offered to the Greater Seattle region, I decided it was my opportunity to collaborate with my busy optometric colleagues in Washington and help many of their patients gain a more stable sensory integration to allow them to function more successfully in their environment.

My daughter, an occupational therapist, specializing in the treatment of special needs children was finding that some of their therapies would start off with encouraging results only to regress in six months. That's when it became apparent that the Sensory Learning Program with its gentle but simultaneous stimulation of all three channels, the vestibular, visual, and auditory might be the key catalyst to helping the nervous system effectively integrate and respond much more comfortably and accurately to their daily environment.

The result of this improved sensory integration would allow therapy results to be more long-lasting because the nervous system has been stabilized and enhanced.
Mary VanHoy